Emergency Fire Blanket

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Product description

Take control of your family's safety. Get peace of mind knowing anyone in the household can use the Fire Blanket to effectively stop fire.

  • 358,500 annual home fires in USA
  • 49% of house fires start in the kitchen
  • 180 seconds until the home is fully engulfed in flames


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It’s So Simple to Use

Easy Pull System

Just pull the tabs to release the Fire Blanket from its case.

Suffocate Fires

Cover the fire with the blanket to put it out in just seconds!


Compact, lightweight and easily portable.

Prevent fire wherever you go by keeping them in frequently traveled and high-risk locations.

Best Locations

High risk locations: Kitchen, garage, workshop, grill, campfires. Also consider vehicles, boats and campers.

Who Should Use It

While adults should be the ones to use the Fire Blanket in an optimal scenario, we recommend teaching young ones how to use it if ever needed.

How Many Are Needed

We recommend at least one per person and one per high risk location. This is typically 4-12 Fire Blanket. We offer bundle discounts to help with pricing.

Product information
Type: Fire blanket

Specifications: National Standard 1.0 x 1.0 meters
Size: ᄆ5cm after hemming, the error is normal
Material: Fiberglass

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